Petite Cosette

I'm mostly Sweet & Classic.

I love wearing Infanta , Bodyline, Baby the Stars Shine so Bright, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World & I hope to own a Mary Madgalene Dress one day.

Feel free to follow me! I will follow you back! I really would like to make more Lolita friends!

Went to the Fabergé with my BFF!

Hey guys! The weather finally cleared so I can go out in style again! My BFF and I hung out at Vieux Port of Montreal, talked about fandoms! My love for PetraxAuruo and BanexTalia!

  • Jacket Bodyline
  • OP Innocent World Isabel in Pink
  • Socks & Bag Innocent World
  • Head Dress Forever 21
  • Shoes Dolce Gabbana

beccatokki asked: i'm not a lolita but i really admire the lolita style! your blog is so super cute, i just had to follow you. :]

Sorry for the late reply, thanks so much for your compliment!! I followed you back! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ